When To Walk Away

I’m a fighter; when I want something, I go for it, and there is nothing that can stand in my way. It’s all or nothing...As an artist, it’s almost impossible to go half-hearted at anything. Im passionate, driven by the need to create something that is tangible yet holds the power to touch you back... I get so lost in what I am doing that sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and separate myself from what I have created .......so here lies my question ...

When is it time to walk away? For everyone, that is different, but for me it is simple; when I have nothing left to say, that’s when I am done. When I have spent hours, weeks, even months, working and reworking a piece....when the mistakes have turned into lessons and the lessons have turned into imperfections and the imperfections become part of something bigger, something I can’t explain.... When I can step back and say that this is no longer in my physical control and if I go any further I will ruin something that was perfectly imperfect 16 shades of blue ago. That’s when I walk Away. That’s when I know It’s time to start something new.

Follow your heart, Follow your intuition, and know that the answers you are seeking out, are usually the ones found only from within. 







"Nothing is More Powerful Than Allowing Yourself To Be Truly Affected By Things" -Zooey Deschanel ❤️❤️  

Some things In life come at you that you may not ever have expected-both good and bad. This tends to happen a lot in my paintings... Instead of fighting it... Embrace it-Learn from it but most importantly- Keep moving forward.  

There are mistakes-only lessons that make us stronger! 

Happy Saturday :)