"Where To Next"

Developing a unique voice is one of the most difficult parts of creative work. It requires a lot of soul-searching, and it forces you to discover parts of yourself you might not have went searching for had you never felt the need to dig deeper.

Traveling has always served as a tool for me to discover parts of myself had I not seen before. I spent a lot of time abroad in the last couple of years and its given me a chance to immerse myself into new people, new landscapes, new cultures, new ways of thinking, and the list goes on…..

Ive been researching ideas for 2019 and I have a few places in mind but any recommendations I would love to hear from you guys! Here is my list…

  1. Tulum, Mexico

  2. Croatia

  3. Santorini, Greece

  4. Menorca, Spain

  5. Iceland

  6. Vietnam

  7. Portland, Oregon

  8. Cinque Terre, Italy